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This Countertop Dispenser Is My New Favorite Party Hack

Feb 23, 2024

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It goes anywhere you go, and immediately makes a party way more entertaining.

As the temperature increases and the days grow longer, gathering a group of friends somewhere and enjoying good conversation and silly games over a couple of drinks is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. And while filling a cooler with cans or bottles is fine, I love a good cocktail to match the event. What I don't love is playing bartender when there's fun to be had, which led me down a rabbit hole that has totally changed the way I plan for outdoor events.

I used to bring a full cooler of mixing equipment, but now I make a big batch of something delicious at home and toss my new favorite accessory in a bag.

While its Amazon page lists it as a water dispenser, a quick look at how it functions quickly revealed it didn't matter what liquid was on the other end as long as it was liquid. As an experiment, I spent the $27 to see what this little dispenser was actually capable of. Mechanically, this is little more than a pump with a long tube coming out of the back and a nice-looking spout to dispense. The base with the pump has a battery, which charges via USB-C and easily lasted through two full days of use.

Because it's battery-powered, I was able to toss it in a bag and bring it outside for everyone to enjoy. The tube dropped down into a sealed pitcher surrounded by ice and filled with a big batch of rum punch, and that's it. You set your glass down on the platter, push the button and in a few seconds you have a perfect pour. There's a secondary button for choosing how much is dispensed, with six options ranging from 100ml (3.4 ounces) to 1 liter (33.8 ounces). I set mine to 300ml (10.1 ounces) and wandered off. Everyone immediately understood how it worked, and was delighted by being able to quickly grab a drink with no mess.

It's simple, easy to clean, relatively inexpensive and you can use it with just about anything. Whether you're setting up a hydration station for a long day in the sun, a no-spill juice station for kids or a cocktail spot for a killer evening, this is my new favorite party trick.

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