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Syntegon to Debut Packaging Machines and Systems at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Aug 29, 2023

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth #C-2800! Syntegon will showcase several packing machines and debut the SVX series vf/f/s machines designed for most common applications in various food industries.

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Syntegon will unveil its newest solution for the vf/f/s industry: the SVX series. Two of the machines will be on display—the SVX Agile and the SVX Duplex. The SVX Agile is designed for high-speed production of 300 bags/min with one film lane and has the ability to handle the full bag range of any vf/f/s need. The Agile's patent-pending cross-seal control allows for custom and accurate sealing pressure. The SVX Duplex can produce 600 bags/min—due to two accessible film lanes—while still maintaining a compact footprint for seamless production integration. The platform is user-friendly, allowing for easy and quick changeovers and adjustments.

Also making its debut is the DCG (distribution continuous gentle) compact pullnose distribution system designed to discharge up to 32 rows of product/min. It is ideal for a variety of goods items such as sticky bars or baked products. Along with its soft pullnose system allowing for controlled product placement, the DCG has other flexible features, such as row aligners, quick belt changes, easy system integration, and fast commissioning. DCG system

Syntegon will have its newest fully integrated packaging line in action at the show, displaying a highly flexible system solution to package delicate products that require particular gentle handling.

The Syntegon DCG will be at the forefront of this system. It gently discharges 400 products onto the downstream packaging leg at 18 cycles/min. Following the DCG, the FIT inline module continuously feeds the products to the hygienic and reliable hf/f/s Doboy Pack 403. Linear motors ensure gentle handling while preventing products from sticking together or accumulating along the way. The single-wrapped products continue at a rapid and steady pace on their way to the next leg of their journey – the RPP. The robotic pick-and-place system’s delta robots will then softly pick, group, and deposit them in batches of four into the infeed of the final machine, the Klikok MEC. The Midrange endload cartoner, with its patented rotary carton feeder, packs batches of four products in their own cartons, up to 170 cartons/min.

Syntegon will also showcase machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The TPR 200 tablet press and a section of the Versynta microBatch working cell will be on display, with the latter being spotlighted on the Innovation Stage by Dr. Laura Moody, Director of Product Management Pharma North America. The TPR tablet press produces up to 230,000 tablets of various sizes per hour and rejects defects through a single station feature. The gloveless Versynta microBatch fill/finish working cell follows the industry trend towards very small batches. The highly flexible and fully automated setup allows the processing of aseptic and highly potent batches of liquid drug product.

Syntegon will also have two immersive hologram displays of other technologies from its portfolio; Osgood liquid-filling machines and Elematic case packers. For filling, the LFS is the next generation in clean and ultra-clean applications for preformed cups and tubs. The Elematic 1001TL, a North American favorite, standardizes topload case packing on a small footprint with large format range and quick changeovers.

Visitors will also see the North American premier of Syntegon’s newest Synexio package – Uptime. The second package of the cloud-based software solution, Synexio, makes sure that food and pharmaceutical manufacturers gain maximum value from their production data. Adding to existing features of the first Synexio package Monitor, Uptime identifies reasons for unplanned downtimes, benchmarks various machines and time periods, and detects safety issues. Additionally, Uptime’s sustainability monitoring provides data on energy consumption and waste production, supporting customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

In conjunction with the live machines, Syntegon will also be providing information on additional technologies through immersive holograms. Educational visuals and voiceovers will show the viewer all that the machines have to offer.