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Indiana Pharmacy, Butt Drugs Hosting Online Auction

Jan 19, 2024

After 71 years in business, Corydon, Indiana's infamous Butt Drugs Pharmacy closed its doors for the final time earlier this year. Now, it's giving fans the opportunity to own some of the memorabilia through an online auction.

The pharmacy didn't choose its name because it sounded funny. It was named after the man who founded it back in 1952, pharmacist William Butt. While I imagine the name made people chuckle back then, it wasn't until a TV commercial the pharmacy produced several years ago found its way onto YouTube. The mix of Corydon residents, some of which look like they've never been in front of a camera before, professing their love of Butt Drugs with lines like, "I love Butt Drugs," "I can always count on Butt Drugs," and "For all my health needs, I turn to Butt Drugs," along with the a capella jingle playing throughout became pure internet gold.

The commercial was even picked up by Ellen Degeneres who featured it during a segment on her popular daytime talk show a few years back.

The pharmacy didn't shy away from the attention. Instead, it embraced it. "I ♥ Butt Drugs" became its slogan and was featured on billboards around town, as well as t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other souvenirs sold at the store. The attention also helped make it a tourist attraction for people traveling through the area.

In addition to being a fully-functioning pharmacy where residents could have their prescriptions refilled and pick up other health-related products, Butt Drugs also featured an old-fashioned soda fountain, gourmet confectionery, along with unique and local beer, wine, and moonshine.

But, as the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end," and on April 29th the pharmacy locked the doors permanently.

Before it rides off into the sunset, the owners of Butt Drugs are giving fans the opportunity to own some of the items that gave the pharmacy its charm through an online auction. And by the looks of it, everything inside the store is up for grabs.

In addition to Butt Drugs-branded shirts, hats, koozies, and key chains, items such as the bar stools from the soda fountain counter, signs, and even the old-school, coin-operated horse ride are up for grabs. Other items include wheelchairs, crutches, shelves, an ice cream freezer, a vintage hot fudge dispenser, and old Coca-Cola-branded metal coolers.

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The auction ends on Tuesday, August 8th, so if you're interested in getting your hands on a few things, you'll need to put in a bid sooner rather than later.

You can see all the items on the auction block and place your bids through the Beckort Auctions, LLC website.

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